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The Court House Christmas Survival Guide

We’ve barely finished the Hallowe’en sweets and there is still a whiff of mouldy pumpkin in the air.

It can mean only one thing……..the C word.  Here is our Christmas Survival Guide.

Christmas is a time for sharing, caring and spending time with people you love.  All wonderful things.

It’s also a time for purchasing, stressing and spending time with people you love.  All infuriating things.

But they needn’t be.

Although the power of tear-jerking shopping ads and glittering window displays tempt us to splash the cash: making something or gifting an experience is just as rewarding.

You’ve still got enough time to chuck some spices and fruit into a big jar with some half decent vodka, leave it in a dark place and swill it around every now and then.  In four weeks or so, you’ve got a unique homemade flavoured spirit. Poured into a rubber stoppered bottle with a fancy tag and hey presto, you’re one of those ‘maker’ types!

Theatre vouchers, cinema tickets, spa treatments.  All treats that people love, which encourage a bit of self care at this busy time of year, and don’t clutter up their homes.  Easy to wrap too.

Don’t stress about the festive season.

Among other things of course, it’s supposed to be about thinking of others and generally being kind to one another.  Being around those we love makes us happy. Beautifully wrapped expensive presents are all very well, but people are better.

Getting up at 4am on Christmas morning with excitable children is fun.

Getting up at 4am to put a 25kg turkey in the oven and start prepping a mountain of sprouts?  Not so much.

Oh by the way, Christmas bookings are being taken now.

And we do gift vouchers.

Merry Christmas everyone.