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I think we can all agree that lockdown has changed the way we live.

It turns out at times such as these that we underestimate the importance of human connection.  Being unable to engage with friends, extended family and even strangers has a much bigger effect on us than we might imagine.

Just think of your last exercise outing and how immeasurably delighted you were to bump into a friend and spend a pleasant half hour chatting.

We need each other now more than ever.

We’re loving the sense of community we’re seeing all around us at the moment. Kinross-Shire has always been a friendly and welcoming place but in recent weeks, it seems that a really strong bond has grown up around us.  A sense of caring has come to the fore and its doing us all good.

The sharing of hard to come by ingredients, the outpouring of help from the members of Kinross Kindness, the rallying of the community for those less fortunate through local charities like Broke not Broken. These things existed before, but we were perhaps guilty of focussing on the negatives, instead of celebrating the positives.

Digital links have become so important, not just for finding out local information for shopping and services, but to see how everyone else is coping with the lockdown.

Ross Mitchell’s images have become a bit of a go to for us.  Picking out friendly faces, commenting on home haircuts and generally maintaining a connection with those we share this place with.  His simple compositions are a perfect mirror. Reflecting the fact that we are all in the same boat, doing the best we can in a perplexing situation.

He visited us last week and took a shot of the team who are helping us to keep going throughout this incredibly difficult time for our industry.  We love it. You can find more of his local images on facebook, and his wider work at .

Our serving window is open daily from 11.30am (10.30 on Friday & Saturday) and we love seeing and speaking to customers old and new and having them chat in the car park as they wait for their order, or drink their coffee in the sun. We observe social distancing, so the sharing of intimate information is probably not advised.

We assure you however the conversations between barista and caffeine addict remain entirely confidential.

Stay safe ❤