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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue for Your Special Day

From bouquets and centrepieces to bridesmaid dresses and three-tier cake. There are a variety of items and efforts that go into making a wedding day special. All of these carefully thought-out initiatives come together to create the magical wedding atmosphere we all have grown to love and recognize.

While flowers, outfits, and decor are all essential, there is one aspect of a wedding that outweighs all others in terms of importance- the wedding venue. Finding the perfect wedding venue can mean the difference between a seamless and cherished event or an inconvenient hassle. In addition, the right location for your wedding can make or break your guests’ overall perspective of your event.

With the wedding venue being such a pivotal aspect of any wedding, it is important for any couple to make sure a location checks all of their boxes. To help you make your final decision, consider these top factors when choosing a wedding venue!

Breathtaking Views for Pictures

When you first step into a venue, take a look at your surroundings. Is the atmosphere aesthetic and conducive to beautiful wedding pictures? Will the background of your images look lovely no matter where you are standing? Or will the photographer have to get creative and work hard to find a beautiful backdrop?

The perfect wedding venue will have plenty of photo-opp locations, making it easy to snap gorgeous images of your special day. For example, the flourishing outdoor courtyard and the historic atmosphere of The Court House in Kinross is renowned for being the prime location for breathtaking wedding photos.

In-House Catering Options

Interestingly, according to WeddingWire, “couples hire fourteen vendors for their wedding day, on average”. That’s fourteen different companies involved in making the average wedding run smoothly and as planned!

Reduce the number of vendors you have to coordinate with by selecting a wedding venue that also offers catering options. Remember, the more convenient you can make the day of your wedding, the better. Having fewer vendors on your roster will ensure your event goes off without a hitch!

Celebrated Location

There’s nothing like choosing a wedding venue that is well-known and popular in your area! By selecting a location highly regarded and reviewed by others, you can rest assured that your event will be the wedding of your dreams. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing that the services you are paying for are reputable and recommended.

Located in Kinross-shire, The Court House building has been a recognized structure since 1826. Designed to host events of all sizes, this venue is celebrated for its rustic features and visually-pleasing attributes. Such as a lush courtyard and extraordinary rooms where couples can steal a romantic moment before or after their ceremony.

Book The Perfect Wedding Venue

Our goal at The Court House is to make your dream wedding a reality. And no other Kinross venue can match our beautiful historical setting, flexible catering options, and passionate staff members.

For more information about our wedding venue options and event services, please feel free to Contact Us at any time. We’d be happy to schedule a showing for you or answer any questions you may have about making your event one to remember!