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Artwork at The Court House

There is a range of stunning artwork at The Court House which features a number of artists’ originals and limited edition prints.

We try wherever possible to frame our pieces in salvaged wood from the renovation of the property so you aren’t just buying an artwork but a piece of local social history too.

Most of the salvaged frames come from the court room upstairs.  So the piece doesn’t only display the work of the artist, but also has links to vagabonds and scoudrels of the Shire!

Buy Your Own Piece

We’re displaying images by Anna Swift, Jen Buckley and Christina Ball and all are for sale. Most are priced but if you are unsure or the item you are interested in has no label, just ask a member of staff.

The Court House features a lot of game on our menus, usually sourced locally by the owners.  We mean ‘sourced’ in the truest sesnse!  We try and reflect our menus in our artwork so the paintings feature wood pigeon, pheasant and deer.